The consignment shop has ski gear (alpine touring & telemark), backpacks, ice axes & tools, climbing shoes, climbing gear, snowshoes, tents, sleeping bags, tons of clothing, and more. IME is your go to consignment shop, but we do have some rules and guidelines…

Rules & Guideline
  • we accept only 10 items of clothing at one time
  • items must be IME gear related
  • items must be in good condition and functioning properly ( working zippers, no dog hair, clean and no holes or tears).
  • items must be clean and sanitary
  • items can have brand names on them but not business or event names
  • IME and its employees have the right to refuse items for any reason
  • during the first year, the price of the item can be changed at any time by the seller
  • after 6 months, IME reserves the right to lower the price until it sells
  • at any time, items can be taken off consignment by the seller
  • in the event of an item not selling within one year, IME will donate or dispose of the item
  • due to the high number of items and consignees, IME will not inform sellers when an item has sold
  • please call or  stop by to check on the status of your consignment account
  • all consignment sales are final
  • IME reserves the right to take items in season; such as shorts in spring and summer
  • arrive with a full list of the items you wish to consign at that time please
Items we DO accept:

Examples of items we accept:

  • climbing hardware such as carabiners, cams, nuts, and belay devices
  • ice axes/tools, crampons, ice screws, pickets
  • alpine touring and telemark gear: skis, boots, bindings, poles
  • hiking boots, climbing shoes, technical climbing/mountaineering boots
  • backpacks; large and small with an emphasis on hiking, climbing, and skiing
  • sleeping bags and pads
  • technical outerwear include waterproof and/or insulated shells
Items we do NOT accept:
  • stoves & cooksets
  • snowboards
  • alpine and cross country ski gear
  • skis must not exceed 190 cm
  • ropes, webbing, and harnesses
  • paddling gear
  • street wear
  • biking gear
Brands we do NOT accept:

Examples of brands that we do not accept:

  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Gap
  • Old Navy

Based on the item sale amount, you have the choice to receive either:

  • 60% in cash
  • 70% in store credit

You can contact us to request a check as our accountant mails checks monthly.

Consignment Forms

IME is trying to save paper by using a single form for your items, you can also print on both sides if you'd like. We do not have a receipt as part of the form, but if you'd like one, we can make a copy of your sheet(s) and send to you via email or mail.

IME Consignment Form - Check (PDF)

IME Consignment Form - Credit (PDF)