IMCS offers a wide range of kite programs from our Power Kiting program to a wide range of Snow Kiting courses. Power kiting is simply safely flying kites that have the ability to create power. Snow kiting is using the power of a kite and moving on snow covered terrain. It allows riders to move far beyond the gravity powered areas that we are accustomed to from the ski and snowboard world. Snow kiting also opens up another dimension in the world of snow sports as a snow kiter can with ease ride up hills, over terrain, and fly off hills to small mountains, kiting into terrain that would not be possible without the kite and a steady wind! Snow kiting can be done in a field, a frozen lake, and on mountains. Here in North Conway, NH, we have many lakes and fields with great winter winds that offer excellent opportunities to get out and explore a great new sport! IMCS offers a Power Kiting course and five courses in Snow Kiting.