IMCS will provide you with your climbing gear, including climbing shoes, harness, helmet and any other technical gear required for your particular course.

Proper Equipment is an essential part of climbing. Weather in New England can be as unpredictable as anywhere, being properly prepared will insure you of a pleasant day or week out in the mountains. Clients are encouraged to use their own gear, although there is no course discount and all gear must be approved by IMCS.

You need to bring proper clothing for the weather along with additional items, which should include:

  • A small confortable Day Pack*
  • Water, 1-2 litres, camel back type hydration systems are great, the warmer the temperatures, the more water you will need.
  • Food and snacks. Easy to eat and light.
  • Clothing, shorts and a T-shirt will usually work for most summer days, but as many of the cliffs are in the shade by early afternoon, a windshirt, windpants, light fleece, and even a light hat may be necessary as well. When in doubt, bring it along and we can sort things out in the morning.
  • Rainshell, light and compact*
  • Approach shoes, sneakers or lightweight hiking shoes, remember you may be carrying these in your pack while you are climbing. NO sandals or open toe shoes!
  • Bug Repellant
  • Sun Glasses and baseball cap
  • Sun Screen
  • Camera

All of the above items are available for purchase at the IME Retail Store for a 10% discount. If you have any questions about the list or about equipment you may have, please call us before you arrive.

*These item are also available for rent.