We rent high quality plastic boots, crampons, ice axes, winter clothing, and camping gear for all your mountaineering, hiking, and camping needs. Be sure to make reservations early for busy vacation periods. In addition, we also have avalanche transceivers for rent. Transceivers are standard equipment for people traveling in dangerous avalanche terrain, like Mount Washington between November and April.

Other gear is also available such as sleeping bags, tents and packs. Please call in advance for availability.

For rental Information and reservations, call (603) 356-7013.

Ice climbing rental gear at IMCS in North Conway, New Hampshire.
Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment
Item1 Day Rental2 DaysAdditional Days
Double Boots$25$35$10
Technical Crampons$30$45$15
Double Boots & Crampons$35$55$20
Boots & Tech. Crampons$45$65$20
Mountain Axe$15$25$10
Technical Ice Tools (pair)$55$75$40
Trekking Poles$20$30$10
Climbing/Day Pack$20$30$5
Overnight Pack$25$35$10
Snow Safety Equipment
Item1 Day Rental2 DaysAdditional Days
Avalanche Beacon$35$50$15
Avalanche Probe$15$25$10
Snow Shovel$15$25$10
Winter Camping Equipment
Item1 Day Rental2 DaysAdditional Days
2 person Tent$35$50$15
3 person Tent$45$60$15
4 person Tent$55$65$15
20º Sleeping Bag$25$35$10
-15º Sleeping Bag$35$50$15
-30º Sleeping Bag$40$55$15
Mountain Clothing
Item1 Day Rental2 DaysAdditional Days
Down Jacket/Pants$15$30$5
Shell Jacket/Pants$15$30$10