IMCS-self-rescueIn climbing it is very easy to recognize a crisis situation; dealing with it decisively is another matter.  So what do you do if your partner is unresponsive on the other end of the rope?  And how do you pass that knot on a long lower?

The Rock Self-Rescue Course is an advanced level, two-day course intended as a follow-up to our three-day Rock Leader Program.  Self-rescue requires the very highest level of technical skills, so it is important that you enter this course with a strong understanding of the fundamental climbing systems.

In this course, we strive to provide a working knowledge of the following skills:

  • Relevant knots and hitches for use in a rescue
  • Escaping the belay
  • Rope ascension
  • Lowering and hauling an unresponsive follower
  • How to pass a knot while lowering or rappelling
  • How to rappel with an injured climber

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