If you have some experience or you have taken the basic mountaineering course, our intermediate mountaineering course will bring you to the next level. We’ll cover the dynamic nature of the medium (snow and ice), how to assess conditions and weather, and the fundamentals of avalanche science and safety. You’ll also learn how to use your equipment most efficiently (When should those crampons be on my feet and when should they be on my pack? When do I switch out the hiking poles for the ice axe? What is roped terrain?). Your judgment is your most important skill in the mountains, and we will help you understand how your decisions affect your safety.

During the day we will also expand on the fundamentals of evaluating terrain. This may include travel on more technical third, fourth and fifth class terrain using a variety of methods and techniques to ensure safety and efficiency. We will evaluate descent options like rappeling, glissading and the plunge step.

If you are comfortable with ice axe and crampon use and have some winter experience, or you are looking to head to the big mountains, we have advanced courses to bring you to the next level.

This course meets at 8:30 AM weekdays and 8:00 AM weekends and Holidays.

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