This is an advanced level course for experienced climbers who feel ready for the “sharp end”. Leading is very rewarding but can also be dangerous and scary if you are not prepared technically, physically and mentally. This course is progressive, while we recommend 3 days, each participant may have different goals and different abilities, so the course can be as few or as many days as you require.

Day one covers advanced anchor & belay systems, racking of gear, rope management, and routefinding while on a multi-pitch climb. You will end the day with a lead while top-roped and set up your own descent. Day two will be another day of leading on top-rope with the possibility of leading your own climb. More discussion on efficient gear racking strategies and rope management with a double rope system. Day three will be another day of leading on top rope, setting your own descent and formal instruction on ice self-rescue systems. Climbers will come away from this course with a better understanding of the risks involved and the technical skills required to lead-climb waterfall ice.

Each course is different. Tell us what skills and experiences you need. We will design the course to make it worthwhile for you. Confidence is key when you lead climb, especially on ice. Confidence only comes from experience and knowledge.

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