There are dozens of amazing ice climbing routes throughout the Northeast. For those who have climbing experience, these are the climbs we strive for: Pinnacle Gully, The Black Dike, Repentence, The Last Gentleman, and so many others.

To be sure you’re ready for that big route, consider a day of prior instruction to make sure you’re up to the challenge.

Prices for these climbs vary with location.

Huntington Ravine, Repentence, Remission, Way in the Wilderness.
Private: $350
Semi-Private: $250 each

Cannon Cliff.
Private: $350
Semi-Private: $250 each

Lake Willoughby.
Private: $400
Semi-Private: $275 each

Clients are responsible for transportation to and from the climbs, other arrangements can be made, but additional fees may apply.

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