This 2 day introductory course is a shortened version of our 3 Day Mountaineering Course, without an overnight. We will teach you how to dress for winter, how to pack, and select the proper gear. You will learn how to move efficiently in winter boots and crampons, and how to climb low to moderate angled snow and ice terrain.

This is a comprehensive introduction to winter mountaineering skills. No previous climbing experience is required for registration but participants should be prepared for a challenging experience. The first day will be spent outdoors learning technical skills, returning to town for the evening (you will need lodging for this night). Day 2 we will meet early at the school, sort and pack gear, and ready ourselves to head up Mount Washington. Each day’s itinerary may be subject change due to weather and snow conditions.

Other components of instruction can include:

  • Terrain Assessment
  • Self Arrest
  • Crampon and Ice Axe technique
  • Snow and Ice Anchors
  • 4th and 5th class rope techniques

Our goal is to help you to become a more experienced and responsible winter mountaineer. Your safety in the mountains depends on the decisions you make. This course is a solid first step for climbers interested in climbing the greater mountain ranges of the world. The course outline is flexible and dependent upon the weather, ground conditions and abilities of the participants.