Winter is a magical season. Winter transforms the landscape into stunningly beautiful scenery in a potentially severe environment. Winter is filled with an array of challenges and adventures. Our clinics and courses focus on providing you the skills required to move safely and confidently over winter terrain. Your safety and enjoyment of winter terrain depends upon you making the best decisions possible. The foundation for good decision-making comes from your knowledge of technical skills, familiarity with your equipment and the lessons learned from your experiences in the mountains.

Of all the types of climbing, mountaineering is the one that we take most seriously. Here at IMCS we know that people want to learn how to identify and manage the risks associated with climbing. We stress safety awareness and promote personal responsibility. Our programs aim to provide you with the knowledge to move efficiently over varied terrain and select appropriate climbs. Let us teach you the skills that will enhance your mountain climbing experiences.

We offer scheduled courses, clinics and trips for climbers of all levels of experience and ability. All of the climbing programs we offer may be booked by private arrangement for individuals or groups. Private guiding allows your needs to be addressed in a personalized manner and has proven to be an excellent way for individuals and groups to learn at a pace you direct. Our guides are flexible and love a new adventure. Tell us what you want to accomplish during your time with us and chances are good we can arrange it. We want your climb to be a safe and enjoyable experience

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