Ice climbing programs are available seven days per week, Rates are per person.

Regular Programs

Group of 44:1Full Day$150
Group of 33:1Full Day$170
Group of 22:1Full Day$200
Private1:1Full Day$300
2 Day Private1:12 Full Days$575
3 Day Private1:13 Full Days$850

Larger Groups

Group of 1212:2Full Day$110
Group of 1111:2Full Day$120
Group of 1010:2Full Day$130
Group of 99:2Full Day$140
Group of 88:2Full Day$150
Group of 77:2Full Day$160
Group of 66:1Full Day$110
Group of 55:1Full Day$130

Half Day and Family Programs
Due to the complexity and logistics of winter climbing, these programs are only available on a limited basis based on local conditions. Please contact IMCS for details.

Guided Climbs

Repentence/Remission1:1Full Day$325
Repentence/Remission2:1Full Day$200
Huntington Ravine1:1Full Day$325
Huntington Ravine2:1Full Day$200
Cannon Cliff1:1Full Day$325
Cannon Cliff2:1Full Day$215
Lake Willoughby1:1Full Day$350
Lake Willoughby2:1Full Day$225

Please contact IMCS for pricing on larger groups or if you have any other questions about the price of your climbing program.