What does a “normal” first rock climbing day look like?
You will arrive at the IMCS between 8:15-8:30 am where you will meet the guide you will be with for the day. Your guide will not only provide you the gear you will need for the day but help make sure it fits properly and explain what it is for. The guide will then discuss with you the plan for the day, make sure your gear is set to go for the day, and then you will drive to a nearby cliff. Once at the cliff you will learn basic safety sytems, belaying, how the technical gear works, and basic climbing techniques

Is there a minimum age limit to learn to climb?
No, but we do suggest, kids be over 5 years old and accompanied by a parent up to the age of 10. We have great family programs as well, for all abilities, including have day climbs.

How fit should I be? Do I need to be able to do a lot of pullups?
Rock Climbing is more about balance and technique rather than strength, so if you are in average physical condition, you should have no problems

If my children want to climb and I want to watch is that okay?
Once we leave the climbing school anyone with us becomes our responsibility, we would prefer that you join the group as a climber.

How much time will I be climbing?
Our typical day is roughly 7 hours long, so there will be plenty of climbing.

When I am not climbing what will I do?
Since our group size for standard lesson is a maximum of 3, while you are not climbing, you will either be belaying or encouraging your fellow climbers.

How do I know I can trust my guide rock climbing?
We have been guiding and teaching climbing for over 30 years. Our guides are fully trained by us, most have AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) certifications, are members of the Mountain Rescue Service Elite Team, and have Wilderness First Aid Training.

How high will I have to go?
Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with the equipment, techniques and height. Our guides will make sure you go only as high as you feel comfortable.

How high can I go?
We sometimes climb up to 400 or 500 feet, but this will be determined by the guide, the group and weather conditions.

Will I carry my pack the whole time I am climbing?
Sometimes, on some climbs we will be climbing with our packs on.

Will I be climbing with people I don’t know?
If you sign up for a group lesson you may be matched with people of similar abilities, if you choose a private lesson, it will be just you and the guide, and a semi-private lesson would be 2 of you and the guide.

What if I get scared while on the cliff?
We’ll try not to put you in that position, but if you do get scared and want to come down, your guide will get you down quickly and safely.

If I slip on the rock do I fall very far?
Your climbing rope will always be held tight by the belayer, but climbing ropes are meant to stretch, so you may fall several feet.

Is the climbing school just for elite climbers?
Our climbing school is for climbers of all abilities. Climbing is an activity that you can learn almost indefinitely, so we have first timers as well as season veteran climbers.

Why should I choose IMCS?
IME and IMCS are locally owned. We hire only top quality guides and our emphasis is always on your safey and enjoyment. We offer climbing trips, treks and expeditions throughout the world, led by New England legend Rick Wilcox. Rick has led over 30 succesful climbs, including the first New England ascent of Mt Everest.

If I really like it after the first day what is the next step?
The best option is to discuss your goals with your guide, he or she will be happy to help you develop a plan to further your climbing.

Is it customary to tip my guide?
While tipping is a personal choice, it is never expected but always appreciated. Our guides work hard keeping you safe and making sure you have a great experience. If you felt you had a great day, a tip is generally customary, if not, please let the management know, it is our job to make sure we maintain the highest standards.