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A Season For The Opportunist

It’s probably “IN” right now–the route that you’ve been wanting to get on. This season has already displayed a wild mix of conditions with routes forming and falling off and growing back again. So far, it’s been a season for the opportunist. Just before Christmas it was Omega with ice, yellow and alive stretching uncharacteristically […]


In Mount Washington Valley there is just enough snow to really get out and snowkite. I had a fun day! Here is how it all works….. the kite pulls you like a snowmobile per say…thekite acts throttle and steering mechanism…. Wearing skiis and or a snowboard is awsome and can be very rewarding no matter […]

Mount Washington Ascent Dec 7, 2008

Mount Washington Ascent Decmeber 7, 2008 Guides Zebulon Jakub (me) and Sam Bendroth guided a group of 6 climbers on Mount Washington. Our groups started early with breakfast at the Nereledge Inn. After we all pooled into our cars and headed up to Pinkham Notch where we moved quickly on the Tuckerman’s Ravine trail. We […]

Brad White Early Season Ice Thanksgiving Weekend

I visited Tuckerman’s ravine last week, Standard on Frankenstein Friday and Ace of Spades in Franconia Notch on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. The ice was much better that expected on Ace of Spades and IMCS Guide Paul Cormier even led the difficult column on the left (Overbid)that rarely forms.

Early Season

Early season ice climbing is something to get excited about and this year has not disappointed. Thin and mixed options are in abundance right now. The ice that exists is newly formed and has yet to see the full spectrum of temperature swings, so it’s more accepting of a pick. Early season requires a tempered, […]

Cathedral Sees More Action

A great ice season allowed four new mixed routes to be established on Cathedral Ledge. IMCS guides either established, or managed one of the few repeats, before warm temps nuked the cliff . Here’s photos from two of the routes… Our guy, Fred Wilkinson (above), doing the third ascent of the Intimidating Bicycle Ride NEI […]