Cannon, Cathedral, and a Little Bit of Wind

Last week I climbed with Dick, from Pennsylvania.  The plan was to climb Moby Grape, the classic 5.8 on Cannon Cliff, but Cannon has a way of backhanding plans pretty quickly.  On day one, we did some classic Cathedral routes to get in shape for the big cliff, and Dick dispatched Still in Saigon and Turner’s Flake with ease during our half-day.  Despite cold in the forecast, we met early and headed to Cannon.

As I led Reppy’s crack, the wind picked up, and comme d’habitude for Cannon, it felt more like Patagonia or Alaska than a “roadside” crag.  With numb hands, I started belaying, but we made the decision pretty quickly that Moby Grape in the 30 degree temperatures was not worth the suffering.

“Back to Cathedral,” Dick cried.  So we rallied, and were soon enclosed in the wonderful, secure, classic climbing on Funhouse and Upper Refuse.

Franconia Notch

Franconia Notch

Hiking down the talus...a common occurrence on cannon.

Hiking down the talus…a common occurrence on cannon.

Sometimes plans don’t work out, but with climbing, if you’re canny and keen, sometimes it doesn’t matter.  It was a great two days guiding with a solid, amicable partner.