Time Off

It is not only great guiding that sets the guides at IMCS apart from the many guide services in the Mount Washington Valley. Here at IMCS when we are not teaching others how to do what we love we are out ‘getting after it’, climbing harder, higher, and stronger.

In the beginning of this February IMCS guide Eitan Green went on his second trip to Maine’s Mount Katahdin. At 5,270 feet high Katahdin is Maine’s tallest peak and as Rick Wilcox writes, “the most rugged piece of granite east of the Rockies.

Eitan and three other climbers skied 13 miles and hiked another 3.3 miles to Chimney pond where they made their base camp. From chimney pond the group climbed about 1,500 feet of mixed rock and ice up the route Pamola IV. Katahdin offers spectacular alpine ice and mixed routes, some over 2,000 feet tall. For those who have been-there-done-that on Mount Washington, a trip to Katahdin is truly something special.