Bring your Friends!

Jim F. teaches club members how to hang off their tools, Photo: Eitan G.

Going ice climbing is awesome. Having your friends cheer you on as you swing your tools is even better. At IMCS if you bring a group we can help you put together an ideal weekend group-adventure.

The intrepid members of the Colby College Outing Club from Waterville, Maine participated in a two day mountain skills course.

Club members learned mountaineering skills like self arrest and crampon techniques then spent the rest of the day swinging tools into frozen waterfalls. Tired but smiling, the Outing Club members went back to their hostel to prepare the second day’s mountain adventure.

Colby College Outing Club members swing into the steep ice at the Texaco Area, photo: Eitan G.

Lauren of Minnesota cruises one of New Hampshire’s classic gullies, photo: Eitan G.

On day two the club members split up into groups to tackle some of the exciting gully climbs in the Whites. Fun and adventure was had by all on Willey’s Slide, Cauliflower Gully, Hitchcock Gully and in other areas. The smiles said it all.

Climbing with a group from a college, office, or any other organization is a great way to share an incredible adventure with friends. Have a group? give us a call!

William, Sarah, and Lauren, All smiles at the top of the gully, photo: Eitan G.

Colby College Outing Club, we hope to see you again soon!