Way Out There

When people think about winter adventures in New Hampshire they usually dwell on a few classics. Oft heard names like, Mount Washington, Crawford Notch, and Franconia Notch are home to some of the areas most popular hikes and climbs. These areas are popular for a two reasons, they are incredible and they get a lot of press! What many people don’t know, is that there are plenty of other spectacular sites for adventure in the Whites that are as phenomenal. These hidden treasures simply don’t have as good PR and as such, lack the hoards of weekend warriors that come through the notches.

IMCS Guide Maury Mckinney took his clients on a three-day, two-night winter backpacking excursion into the rugged Mahoosucs on the New Hampshire-Maine boarder. The group spent their days hiking through tranquil and seldom seen winter landscapes that stretched as if endless. As they hiked, the group didn’t see a single other soul giving their experience a true wilderness flavor.

With so many years experience in the area, guides like Maury take clients to parts of the Whites they never even knew existed. Sure we can take you to the more popular winter mountaineering destinations. However, if you really want to tap into the knowledge your guide has to offer, consider an adventure, ‘way out there’.