Cathedral Sees More Action

A great ice season allowed four new mixed routes to be established on Cathedral Ledge. IMCS guides either established, or managed one of the few repeats, before warm temps nuked the cliff . Here’s photos from two of the routes…


Our guy, Fred Wilkinson (above), doing the third ascent of the Intimidating Bicycle Ride NEI 5+ R M6+, this route was established by two other IMCS guides, Peter Doucette and Dan Corn in late February.

Another IMCS guide, me, clipping a good friends gear on a great route, the Frozen Beast (NEI 6), below the Prow. Ray Rice went back and succesfully lead the route the next day, ground up, placing gear, like god intended.


Doug Madara also put up two other great routes, both clock in at about NEI 5+ R, I only had the pleasure of repeating one of them, Underground Kinetics, before it warmed up. There are photos of the other, Jack on Ice, posted on Anne Skidmore’s blog at