This course is designed to be 3 days, but can be shorter depending upon your experience. This course is for experienced climbers ready for the “sharp end.” Leading is very rewarding but can also be dangerous if you have not prepared yourself technically, physically, and mentally. On day one we will cover gear placements (nuts, spring loaded camming devices, etc.), equalization methods, belay systems for the leader, rappelling, rappel backup systems and placement of emergency anchors. On the second day we will start with a demonstration lead climb and then progress to a simulated lead with a rappel descent.

Day three will address common problems such as jammed rappel lines and devices, simple belay escapes and ascending ropes. There is a possibility of leading on your own on well protected pitches at the discretion of your guide. Students should come away from this course having a better understanding of the many skills required to lead climb as efficiently and safely as possible. A good follow-up to the three-day leader course is our two-day self rescue course to complement your newly acquired skills.

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