Our rock climbing lessons are designed for people of all ages and abilities. We offer them all through the spring, summer and fall seasons. We offer Rock Climbing lessons and instruction on Whitehorse and Cathedral Ledges in North Conway New Hampshire and the other great granite cliffs in the surrounding areas. We stress safety awareness and promote personal responsibility. We recognize that people want to learn to identify and manage the risks associated with rock climbing. Our programs aim to provide you with the knowledge to move efficiently over varied rock terrain, evaluate future partners and select appropriate climbs.

All of the climbing programs we offer may be booked by private arrangement for individuals or groups. Private guiding allows your needs to be addressed in a personalized manner and has proven to be an excellent way for individuals and groups to learn at a pace you direct. Our guides are flexible and love a new adventure. Tell us what you want to accomplish during your climbing time with us and chances are good we can arrange it. All prices are determined by the ratio of climbers to guides and can be seen here: Rock Climbing Program Rates.

Advanced Rock Climbing Programs
Our advanced rock climbing programs are designed for climbers looking to advance their climbing, technical and safety rock climbing skills. We offer these programs all through the spring, summer and fall seasons here in North Conway New Hampshire. These programs will provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques to help you become a safer, more efficient rock climber.